Thermal Inspections


Are you considering purchasing or renting a new property? Is the wiring up to date or to standard? Is the switchboard up to date? Does the property have safety switches?

Don’t get caught out. A site inspection by an Electrical Thermal Imaging Australia ETIA technician could save you the surprise of unexpected costs after purchase. We can also provide estimates of likely repair costs, so you can include this in your budget or move onto the next property.

Thermal Inspections  electrical thermal imaging australia

Thermography Techniques

There are several recognized techniques in use throughout industry. Comparative thermography is the most common technique and it is normally used to provide the best available data in lieu of ideal, or absolute, thermal measurements. When encountering changing machinery operating conditions, the ability to perform rough impassivity estimates, and the ability to detect impassivity differences on machinery equipment, provides useful information for the condition monitoring and diagnostics of the machine under the less-than-ideal circumstances frequently encountered in the field.

Absolute thermography is used when it is essential to know as precisely as possible the true temperature of a target.

We’re talking about a piece of technology that, by various designs, Whether it is a lightweight handheld infrared camera that fits easily in a tool belt or a full-featured, high-definition infrared camera, the technology is available to suit every level of sophistication, analysis and reporting need. As the user becomes more adept with the technology, they find new uses for it.

The most significant benefit thermal imaging cameras can have on a business when used for equipment maintenance and troubleshooting is the impact it has on return on investment. By hiring the equipment, you reduce the initial outlay costs dramatically and ensure you always operate using the most up-to-date and effective technology.