“The thermal imaging test was very interesting to watch, and was a big money saver for us, as the house turned out to be a leaky home and we had no idea. Imagine if we didn’t act! So, if you’re buying property, we definitely recommend taking the time to get a leaky building inspection after this experience.”

Josh Kelly, entrepreneur and homeowner

“I contacted an inspector hoping to track a leak in our ceiling. There was a leak that had survived partial re-cladding of the house, the windows being sealed and plumbers in to inspect the roof. Thankfully, the inspection discovered the source of the persistent leak before our home could be destroyed. I highly recommend to anyone that thermal imaging testing is the way to go.”

Beth Karmelic, interior designer and homeowner

“Very thorough inspection – identified a few problems we need to resolve before we open up for business, confident we won’t have any issues anytime soon. I contacted Brad and his guys to come over and they did a thorough job. Will definitely be contacting them again if the need comes up!”

Midge Gladstone, greengrocer